Quite a while back I treated myself to some online shopping (woohoo). I bought a set of lantern moon ebony interchangeable needles and straight needles. I ended up returning the straight needles because honestly for the price they didn’t look so nice to me. I know that the natural material means variation in needles— but they looked very different from the interchangeable set. In any case, I have really enjoyed the set that I kept.

photo-2 photo-3 photo

I enjoy buying “sets” of things, which is fun but can be dangerous for the wallet! Do you recommend any needle sets?

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Baby Dress

I started a “baby dress” for a friend’s baby, although I don’t think it will be finished in time. I really like it though! I used this which is free, yey! I used this yarn. I love the pattern because its simple enough to knit at the pool. (Although I think I have a few wee mistakes). And, I love the yarn — it’s soooo pretty and also not your typical baby colors. Hopefully I will finish soon!


photo-2 photo-3 photoWhat do you think? Any great baby dress patterns that you recommend? 

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Another baby blanket

Lately, there have been a lot of babies being born in our lives! I wish I could make something for all of them… but I am too slow! Here is one baby project that did get finished… It’s a giant granny square – still not sure I am doing them quite right. I used an acrylic yarn purchased in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a store called Nube. Husband even helped pick out the colors (it was on our honeymoon after all!) This blanket was going well until about 3/4 of the way through my yarn started to get all twisted up and scraggly in my hand as I crocheted?! I couldn’t figure out the problem– wasted a lot of the yarn and ended quicker than I would have otherwise. I was over twisting it? No Idea! So frustrating because I did really like it!






Have you ever had this problem with yarn getting all twisted up? 

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Buenos Aires, Argentina YARN DISTRICT

We went on our honeymoon for two weeks in Argentina in June. Amidst the wedding planning and honeymoon, I managed to miss the part about there being an entire yarn district in BA! Who knew? I happened to come across a few blogs about said yarn district in the airport to Argentina! Thinking I was a city savvy person, I thought it would be easy enough to find from the closest subway station. Being the directionally challenged person that I actually am, we had bit of trouble finding the shops. But once we got there, we found a few blocks full of yarn shops! It was AWESOME!

photo-2 photo-4

I bought lots of yarn and a few other things, as well! There wasn’t a lot of natural fiber yarn as you might expect. There were a ton of acrylic yarns, lots of yarn bombed trees, and interesting displays! The way that you buy yarn here is a bit different than in the U.S. Generally it seems that the process goes like this: you consult with a sales person about what you are looking for and they bring you the yarn to look at and make a decision. In most stores, the yarn was behind a counter -unable to be touched! In 1-2 stores the yarn was more touch-accessible!
photo-5 photo-6 photo-7 photo-8 photo-9 photo-10 photo-11 photo-12

One shop sold woven products, I bought two beautiful scarves!

On our last full day of our honeymoon, we took an impromptu ferryboat to Uruguay. And I thought, hmmm I wonder…. Manos del Uruguay? There was a shop in the small town we went to! To my surprise; however, the shop sold knitted, woven, crocheted items (but mostly woven) and a few other items. They did not sell yarn, but rather products made by local women using their yarn. I bought a small shawl!


Have you ever been the the Buenos Aires yarn district? How about other yarn shops abroad? Please let me know if you would like to see photos of what I bought!

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Wedding Kippahs!

(Also known as yarmulkes) After reading one of many wedding magazines, I came up with the idea to make kippahs for my groom, the groomsmen, and fathers. Since my crochet skills aren’t so great, I searched for a knitted kippah pattern. I found this one, which worked great and was FREE! I also found some very pretty blue- ish yarn and some very special silver sequined beaded yarn! The blue-ish yarn (madeline tosh merino light) was used for the groomsmen and fathers and the special sparkly (Artyarns) was used for my groom! I had plenty of time, but you know how life gets in the way…mom had to help me on this one! (Thanks, mom!) I finished the last one a few days before the wedding!!! They turned out great although I had to fix all of the groomsmen and groom moments before the wedding because they had them on backwards!


What do you think? Did you ever make any knitted wedding items ??

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Long Time Gone

Lots of craziness in our lives lately including a wedding for DD, we just gained another son and couldn’t be happier.    During it all the knitting went on just maybe not as fast as we might have liked. 

 Recently I acquired a beautiful Blue Moon yarn called River Rocked that is on a  base of silk, merino, and sea cell.  I am making Hilary Smith Callis’s Citrus shawl and will try to keep this one for myself.  Have completed more since this pic but here’s a quick look.   
Just recently I have begun an item for the granddaughter of a dear friend, I was so excited that it was tough to choose just one pattern to begin.  It is rare that I get to do any children’s items so …well you know.  Any how I decided to go with the Tiny Tea Leaves cardi by Melissa LaBarre.  Since it calls for a worsted weight yarn things are moving along nicely and it is a top down pattern so that saves finishing fuss later on.  I decided to use Madelinetosh Fragrant and am pretty happy with how it is coming along. What do you think?

While the newlyweds were on their honeymoon we got the pup and bunny so here is a token pic of said pup enjoying the sun while I got some knitting time in.  She is a sweet girl and we love when she comes to stay.


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A baby blanket

photophoto-2photo-3Finished a baby blanket for a friend a few weeks ago! It is a bit small, but I guess it’s baby sized! I really like the bright, bold colors and tweedy element to the yarn! I like that it’s not your traditionally pastel baby blanket.


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