Trouble in knitting land…

I started this hat called “man hat” by Haven Leavitt. I found it for free download on ravelry. I wanted to make a simple hat (my first hat ever) for my boyfriend and a matching scarf. I went to my local yarn store and bought some Queensland Collection Kathmandu Chunky. I wanted to make a red and black hat, since my boyfriend went to Rutgers University and “rutger’s red” is his favorite color! I ended up with some red and gray yarn (because the black and bits of pink in it, I thought it would clash with the red). So, I started my red and gray Man Hat! Everything was going fine, it was looking really good! And then…. I was about to start decreasing for the top of the hat…. when I realized I had 4 extra stitches on my needles. I thought maybe I could make it work without ripping out, but it definitely wasn’t going to look right. S,o RIP RIP RIP. I told my boyfriend what happened and he said oh don’t worry about it, I will wear it no matter what, I’m sure it looks fine, no big deal. I told him “you have to be a knitter to understand my pain!!!!!!”

Here’s a picture of me modeling the hat… all smiles because I was oblivious about my stitch number error!

Have you had to rip anything out lately? Were there tears? Do you not know how to count like me?!

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2 Responses to Trouble in knitting land…

  1. njbookworm says:

    Glad to see you took the plunge and riiiped. In the end you want to be pleased with the hat. Just imagine the receiver wearing it with the boo boo and you would have to see it all the time. Not good!

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