Blocking: how to?

Last Spring, I made my first sweater. I used this pattern with Madeline Tosh vintage Yarn in Scarlet (two strands held together). Here are pictures of the progression:

Looks pretty good right??

The only complaints I have are:

  • The fabric is kind of thick and bulky for a short sleeve sweater,
  • I had a little trouble knitting the arm pit area,
  • and the cowl is HUGE.

I was so happy to finish my first sweater, but it was end of spring/early summer. So, the sweater went into my closet. And in my closet is where it has been ever since.I never blocked the sweater. I’ve never blocked anything before. Last weekend I was handwashing a couple of store-bought sweaters and thought… I’ll just handwash my handmade sweater, lie it  flat on some towels, and reshape!! Well…. this sweater soaked up A LOT of water. And I didn’t have a good place to let it dry! I ended up using a bunch of towels.. on top of my kitchen table… and as it dried a bit, I moved it onto a drying rack near my radiator. It took a loooonggg time. And I was worried the weight of the watered down sweater was going to mess up the shape of it.  Kind of a botched blocking session!  The sweater looks ok…. not much different than pre-handwash/blocking disaster. (except maybe the cowl grew even larger :/)

What’s your preferred method of blocking?

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2 Responses to Blocking: how to?

  1. Mom says:

    Hey Sweetie
    When I block I use Soak yarn wash as it comes in some really nice scents and is not hard to rinse out. Once I have let the item soak I drain, rinse, and at the end try to press some of the water out while it is still in the sink. After that I move the knitted item to towels and without agitating things just apply pressure to push the water into the towels. If the towel get too wet I repeat the process with some dry ones. Once the knitting is no longer sopping wet I lay it out on a sheet that I lay out on the carpeting. If the item requires a hard block with a lot of stretching and pinning things out then I do that. If it just needs to be arraigned into shape and left to dry then I do that.

    As you know I have had a few blocking issues also. Recently I blocked a Jarod Flood’s baby tweed blanket that I had bound off too tightly and attempted to “fix” thinks by blocking it a lot. Well it ended up messing up my lace and as a last ditch I put the blanket into the dryer and that fixed things right up. My lace look great! Funny how that goes sometimes, I guess if you don’t like how it initially comes out you can try it again?

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