Shop, Drop, & Ball

Just came back from a shopping trip with my mom at “the local yarn store.” I bought some “blue sky alpaca bulky naturals” (4 skeins in 4 different colors) to make this project  by Joelle Hoverson. I’ll be starting the” spiral seat cushion” after I finish “the man scarf” and the pair of socks that I just started. (my first knit socks- mom gave me a sock knitting lesson…details to come). I balled the yarn right away because my mom has a niffty ball winder that makes the job waaaay easier. I also purchased “soak” to care for my knitted projects! I have been using laundry detergent and hand washing my knits, but this product should be better. I purchased soak in the scent “aquae.” It’s a nice light, fresh scent. AAAnd I also bought a little gauge counter thingy (I don’t know what you call it). During the sock lesson, I swatched the yarn and held the gauge over the fabric to see if I needed to go up or down a needle size to achieve the correct gauge.

step 1: find some pretty, pretty yarn

step 2: place yarn on this thing?

step 3: wind the yarn

step 4: enjoy your yarn cakes!

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