It’s me or the SOCK

… but hopefully, it’s both. I was doing soooo well with my first sock.

(this photo is just after i finished increasing for the gusset)

I got all the way to turning the heel and started the heel flap… when I realized something was amiss.

(this photo is my heal looking kinda funky)

So then I decided to rippppppp out but just until I started the heel. Unfortunately, I decided to take the sock of the needles and rip rip rip. But then I could NOT get the sock back on the needles! Every time I tried to pick up a stitch the next one would drop. I tried using a tapestry needle to grab those little buggers and place them on my knitting needles, and I tried threading spare yarn through to keep them from unraveling, but it just didn’t work. And instead of putting it aside until I could get someone to help me, what did I do???? I RIPPED OUT THE WHOLE DARN THING!!!!! I was a bit upset to say the least. But still determined to make a sock, I cast on again, and again, and again…. until i finally got the right number of stitches back on there. So, I finished the toe and am back to working the body of the foot. The only positive of this experience is that I made a boo -boo when making my toe the first time- I used yarn overs to increase instead of making one through the stitch below. So, there’s one positive to this sock adventure!


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