Computer Chair Seat Cushion

I am using my Blue Skies Bulky Alpaca Naturals to make a seat cushion using this pattern by Joelle Hoverson.  The cushion is meant for my computer/desk chair (computer chair cushions always seam to fall apart way too fast, and it just doesn’t look very nice). The yarn is so HUGE and FLUFFY and FUN. I love knitting with giant yarn and giant needles. Instant knitting. However, I’m having some issues with this pattern and getting kind of tired of this seat cushion. I thought I would be done with it in a few hours, but instead it is taking me quite a long time. Boo.

I was working on spiral step 3 when I just did not like how the last spiral was looking. The inner spirals were nice and tight and uniform looking, but the last spiral of step 3 was very uneven and lumpy looking. So, I ripped ripped RIPPED.

The issue is I just don’t quite understand the instructions. The pattern goes: Begin spiral, Spiral step 1 (repeat 1x), Spiral step 2 (repeat 3x), Spiral step 3 (repeat 3x or less). There is one line in each of the spiral steps that reads ” pick up and knit 1 stitch in the row below the last picked up stitch/  second row below the last picked up stitch/ third row below the last picked up stitch” .  What I did was pick up the 2nd stitch in the row below . (So the stitch one over from the last stitch that I picked up). That seemed to be working for me just fine until I got to spiral step 3 and things were not looking good. I just ripped it out and I think I am going to just continue the pattern using “my interpretation” of the pattern and following spiral step 2 and omitting the step 3. Hopefully this will work! Aside from the part I ripped out the cushion was looking really pretty.

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