If you remember a while a go I started my first sock… and then ripped out my first sock 😦 I was really frustrated and then I was really busy with … life. So I my knitting was neglected. But… the sock lives again! I think my issue(s) last time with turning the heel were: not being able to count and not realizing that I needed to knit the wraps and the wrapped stitches together (despite the fact that it was written in the pattern). Woooops. I tried my heel again and was very careful with counting and knitting the wrapped stitches. And the sock looks pretty good/ normal! The next problem I foresee is that…. this sock is looking a bit small for my size 7 foot. AGH. I have a real issue with counting stitches. I’m not sure why but it’s really hard and tedious for me. I really want to make something lacy like socks or a shawl but I think my counting issue is going to be a problem when doing lace. Hmmmmmmmm

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  1. linda says:

    Hey your sock looks great and I love that yarn.

  2. cs1679 says:

    Thanks 🙂 I’m pretty excited. stole the yarn from someone’s stash 😉

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