Knit shorts!

About a year or so ago, I saw a little girl at a dance class wearing knit shorts. That’s when my idea to make knit shorts started. I started this pattern a long time ago… had some kind of issue… and riiiped out. Started them again this summer and they are finally finished. Over all pretty cute. There are some slight issues I had. Ishould have made the rise a bit higher (its extreme low rise on me). It was my first time doing kitchener stitch, which was pretty cool, but I had some semi big holes at the start and end of it (aka start and end of the crotch — a bad place for holes!) I kind of just fudged it and sewed them up. I also wasn’t sure what to do after I finished the kitchener stitch seam so I just looped the thread under… hopefully it’s secure!


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One Response to Knit shorts!

  1. mom says:

    They came out soooo cute. You got a lot done. Glad you like Kitchener I hate it.

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