New York Sheep and Wool Festival 2012!

This weekend my mom and I went to the sheep and wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. It was awesome!!! We woke up at 6 am and got to the festival just in time to line up before they opened. It wasn’t too crowded at first… but it got pretty busy! It was inspiring to see all the animals, yarn, fiber, food, etc. It seems that a lot of people that attend wear something that they have made, so that is cool to see also. I was tempted to buy a big ball of fiber just because they looked so fun and fluffy, but seeing as I don’t know what I would do with it aside from display it in a big bowl.. I didn’t get any. Unfortunately, we didn’t take many pictures. Here are 2 that I took on my cell phone:

Even though it is nice to be able to see all of these animals, it was a little sad to see them in such cramped quarters surrounded my so many people. As a bunny owner, I felt pretty sad for the bunnies who are nervous animals to begin with! Sitting on the ground with all those people in a tiny, cramped cage 😦
Here are the goodies that I brought home with me:

Ceramic yarn bowl “better than baggies” with scissor pocket and sheep scene

Yarn bowl has a little groove to feed your working yarn through to prevent tangles

Felting kit to make mushroom

Felting fluff

100% natural llama yarn from a rescued llama. So soft, and the picture of the llamas got me of course

NY sheep and wool festival tote bag

Fair trade bolga basket made in Ghana, so pretty, functional, and super strong. This may have been my favorite purchase!

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