I thought I was a knitter, but now I think I’m a both….

Things I love about crochet:

1. It goes fast!

2. Dropping a stitch isn’t such a big deal

3. It’s “easier” to go back if you made a mistake

4. You can make fun borders!

5. I can make lacy things more succesfully than knitted lacy things!


I have this old hope chest that we finally got up to the new house. I wanted to put a little rug underneath it so that the wheels wouldn’t scratch the floor. What better solution than to make a rug? I decided to crochet one with some cotton yarn (2 strands held together). I used up my left over cotton stash and ran to Michael’s to get some more. I decided I really wanted some kind of light green stripe.. so I found some Lilly light green “avocado” scented yarn. I was a little curious about the “scented” part, but sure enough as I was knitting there was an aroma. It smelled more like basil to me than avocado. I was in it for the color anyway ! I just single corcheted the whole thing and when I finished…it seemed a bit small. Functionally it was ok, but aesthetically it wasn’t quite right. I find a tutorial and made a single crochet border + scalloped edging. It looks a lot better I think … and it was fun to learn to make a border!


After hurricane sandy, we got our power back on pretty quickly (hurray). I made some pumpkin bread muffins for the boyfriend to take to work since apparently nothing was open in downtown nyc aka nothing good to eat!



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