Chairs are done!

Six chairs finally done! Here’s a close up of the fabric I used:

It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it! As i said in an earlier post, we had bought the dining table, chairs, and china cabinet from the previous owner of the house. At first I wasn’t sure that I liked it. But it was good to have the china cabinet since I have a TON of china from my grandmother. And, it was nice for our wallets not to have to buy a dining table right away. I didn’t think the table and chairs were my style. I thought I would have preferred something more rustic/ less formal. But with a nice, new, clean fabric on them — the set is really starting to grow on me! The window area by the dining table gets A LOT of sun. I rearranged the extra chairs to try and make a little hang out corner in the sun. It gets seriously HOT over there on sunny days. And since I am always cold, maybe it will make a nice knitting nook! I have a lot of fabric left over, so maybe I will try to sew a table cloth or runner, or pillows or something. I just need someone to teach me to sew! 😉

Here is how my bunny, Ollie, helped with all the hard work:

He napped… and mooched for a treat every once in a while!

I was really surprised to see that my mini rose plant bloomed and survived the hurricane! The rose was a gift from last Valentine’s Day. It sat in a pot in my old apartment until we moved to the house in August, when I planted it right in front of the house (where there is lots of sun). I think it is really happy in it’s new spot! Let’s see if it survives winter!

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One Response to Chairs are done!

  1. Linda says:

    The chairs came out really nice, the new
    fabric gives it a whole new look.

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