MD Sheep and Wool Festival!!!!

I haven’t been doing much knitting lately, but what better way to get inspired than the Maryland sheep and wool festival!!!! We headed down with a group on a bus trip, which was much better than driving ourselves.

2013-05-04_12-08-42_14We didn’t get to spend too much time with the animals because we were too busy shopping….

2013-05-05_14-45-52_90Since the last festival, I’ve been wanting to get myself a big ball of colorful fluffiness. I don’t know how to spin or felt, but that didn’t stop me!!! It’s so soft and reminds me of ocean colors.2013-05-05_14-45-02_809This is a kit I bought that is mean to go with the “Albers Cowl” pattern. It is a log cabin type pattern.

2013-05-05_14-44-33_620Some pretty, pretty worsted weight golden yarn!!!! Had to hunt for this one!



A hand dyed silk scarf….


We had a great time!! Hopefully some inspired knitting to follow!

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