Wedding Kippahs!

(Also known as yarmulkes) After reading one of many wedding magazines, I came up with the idea to make kippahs for my groom, the groomsmen, and fathers. Since my crochet skills aren’t so great, I searched for a knitted kippah pattern. I found this one, which worked great and was FREE! I also found some very pretty blue- ish yarn and some very special silver sequined beaded yarn! The blue-ish yarn (madeline tosh merino light) was used for the groomsmen and fathers and the special sparkly (Artyarns) was used for my groom! I had plenty of time, but you know how life gets in the way…mom had to help me on this one! (Thanks, mom!) I finished the last one a few days before the wedding!!! They turned out great although I had to fix all of the groomsmen and groom moments before the wedding because they had them on backwards!


What do you think? Did you ever make any knitted wedding items ??

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